Hire A Birth Doula

A Birth Doula is a trained professional who provides emotional, physical and educational support to a mother or couple throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum period. The Doula's purpose is to help families have a safe, memorable, and positive birthing experience.


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What are the benefits of hiring a Birth Doula?

Studies have shown that hiring a Birth Doula decreases the overall cesarean rate by 50%, shortens the length of labor by 25%, reduces the use of oxytocin by 40% and epidural requests by 60%.

What does a Doula offer?

Doulas offer mental, emotional & physical support to a woman and her partner before, during, and after childbirth. A Doula (also known as a birth attendant) is trained in 'mothering the mother'. Hiring a Doula also makes the birthing experience lighter for dads by supporting them to relax, rest as needed, and participate in the labor & delivery to the degree they feel comfortable; which generally increases a woman's overall satisfaction with her birth & partners involvement.

Doulas offer one of the most effective tools to improve labor and delivery outcomes.
— American Congress of Obstetrics & Gynecologists and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine


Are all Bloom Baby Birth Doula's certified?

All Bloom Baby Doulas have demonstrated their involvement in a training/certification program with a reputable organization, or have provided verifiable experience in their field of expertise. Our Doulas are also encouraged to engage in continuing education opportunities as well as mentorship circles facilitated by our Master Doulas.

What's the difference between a Doula and a Midwife?

A Midwife is a primary health care provider, while a Doula is a childbirth coach. Midwives often replace the role of an OB & deliver babies in hospital, birth center or home birth settings

What if  I'm giving birth in a Birth Center or at Home?

Doulas provide exceptional labor support in any setting. If you're having a homebirth, your Doula will likely arrive before your midwife. While your midwife charts, rests as needed & prepares for the delivery, your Doula will stay focused on your mental /emotional ebbs and flows thus supporting your integration.


How much does it cost to hire a Bloom Baby Doula?

Our Birth Doula price range runs from $300 - $3000. There are no hidden costs or agency fees. The price you pay simply depends on the experience level of the Birth Doula you choose.

How do I pursue hiring a Bloom Baby Birth Doula?

Begin by filling out the inquiry form above. Once submitted a Bloom Baby team member will reach out to you and gently walk you through the process of finding the perfect fit for you.